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Bringing Baby Home – A Newborn Care & Early Parenting Class

Take some of the guesswork out of parenting with this highly acclaimed class, Bringing Baby Home: Newborn Care and Responsive Parenting, that not only prepares you for the physical aspects of baby care like diapering, bathing and swaddling, but also emphasizes on the art and science of parenting and nurturing a conscious, whole little human.

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The Bringing Baby Home Signature Masterclass is a 4 hour class that gives you lots of information and hands on practice and helps you transition with confidence into your new role as a parent.

This one-of-its-kind masterclass focuses on the fourth trimester and offers you a very unique and refreshing take about baby care and parenting from the perspective of the newborn. What do mammal babies need? How can parents meet those needs? What can help build a secure attachment base for baby from Day 1, benefits of which will last a lifetime? What can parents do to shape a baby’s brain in the most optimal way?

This is a class that you absolutely can’t miss as you prepare for your newest and most important role as a parent!

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