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When you are supported in your parenting:

You can be the parent you want to be

When you're listened to and supported, you can be a more patient and present parent to your children

Your children benefit

Spending time in circle will give you a fresh perspective on parenting and effective tools and strategies to use with your children

You build community

Having a like minded hive of parents offers you the support and community you need to thrive

You actually enjoy parenting!

Imagine that! The path to building happy homes begins here.

If you are to be a light for those you love, you must find ways to nourish yourself, to feed your fire & keep it burning.

Is this you?

You are a good parent. Of that, I have no doubt in my mind.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here looking for resources to help with parenting.

But you’re also human. And you’re allowed to have big feelings about parenting.

Parenting is hard, hard work. And it wasn’t meant to be done alone.

And yet here we are. We are all trying to be our best for our children while functioning on a thread bare support system. 

When you have don’t have anywhere to go to vent and release and regulate your nervous system, how can you hold space for your child(ren) who needs to do the same?

With the right support and tools though, I have no doubt in my mind that you WILL be the parent you always wanted to be. 

And today is as good a day as any to choose differently for you and your family.


Let today be the day you choose calm and connection for you and your family.

A Parenting Support Circle


You CAN be more present, more calm, more focused, more available, more patient, more energetic, more filled up.

More all-the-things-you-want-to-be!

Community & Connection

My story

Back before I was a parent coach and mentor, I was passionate about raising my daughter consciously and respectfully. I had learnt all the tools and theories and read all the books and blogs, I had felt ready to parent my then toddler from connection instead of fear.
And that's when I discovered a new set of challenges. My own triggers and emotions began to surface as I tried to empathize and listen to my daughter's BIG feelings.
I was finding myself struggling to stay calm and patient. On top of that, I quickly realized I didn't have a mental model for how exactly to respond to her - what words I should use, what was acceptable and what was I even doing this "right"?
And that's when I discovered the power of gatherings and Circles. Truly, parenting was meant to be done with the support of a village and I saw how mine carried me through. I became part of an incredible circle of parents who were committed and invested in breaking cycles of fear-based parenting and reparenting themselves. We met every single week and shared our wins and challenges without fear of being shamed or judged. I felt seen, heard and felt, embraced, uplifted and supported. And every time I was having a hard parenting day (and there were plenty!) I knew I had a space I could take my emotions to for release.
I want to bring this gift of circles to my community of parents I serve. I want this to be your village where you can come as you are and walk away each time feeling a little more filed up and regulated than when you came. Join me for the next one, won't you?

What does a Parenting
Support Circle experience include?


Opening Circle & Grounding

Welcome, introductions, intention setting and a grounding session

Parenting Challenge + Solution

Registered attendees can submit their parenting questions or challenges prior to the Circe. The facilitator will identify 2-3 themes and offer solutions.


Listening Partnership

In this part of the Circle, you will have the opportunity to learn how to deeply listen AND be heard in a listening exchange.

Closing Circle

We close in gratitude, affirmations and action steps for the coming weeks

A Circle is typically 90 minutes long with a break inbetween. Sessions are conducted twice a month on a Sunday morning (please check for the timing in your timezone). All Circles are conducted virtually via Zoom. The flow of each Circle will remain consistent across the weeks. However, the exact content of the various sections will vary to best meet the needs of the attendees for the week. Circles are not recorded as they are experiential sessions. 

Here's What Parents Experience at the Circles

Intimate and safe
This has been a game changer for my parenting...
I feel like I have finally found my people.
I look forward to the circles all week and they help me recharge and reset



TIME – 10 AM – 11 30 AM (Malaysia/Singapore) // 7 30 AM – 9 AM (IST) // 7 PM – 8 30 PM (Pacific)

Note – **Oct 23 | Sunday | NO SESSION**



per 6 session block

Go back to your family 90 minutes later, ready to pour from a cup that has been poured into and filled up.



per 6 session block for 2 attendees

Go back to your family 90 minutes later, ready to pour from a cup that has been poured into and filled up.

It’s time to give yourself permission to pause, rest, recharge – once and for all – at a pace that feels right for you!

Come to the circle to fill your love cup so you can go back to your self, family, and your everyday life after the 90 minutes together and love on them the way you want to.

All the details in one place

This is for you if:

Have Any Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are held online via Zoom. Link to the Zoom room will be provided to you in the email you will receive after payment. 

YES! Many of our attendees typically sign up for recurring blocks so they have their well being prioritized week after week. Sign up for as many as you like!

These sessions are for anyone in any season of parenthood with children in the ages of 0 to 6 years!

We know that parents have last minute things come up and we want to make this stress free for you. If you miss a session, you are welcome to join a future session to replace the one you missed within 3 months of your missed session.

Please contact us on +60-122204231 via Whatsapp and we will sort it out for you.

Please contact us on +60-122204231 via Whatsapp or submit your question using the form at the end of this page. We look forward to supporting you!

About Namrita bendapudi

Meet your Circle Guide
& Facilitator

Hello! So glad you’re here!

I am a: Mama, wife, birthkeeper, educator, psychologist, advocate, change maker, believer, doer, teller of stories, holder of space, asker of questions, and challenger of assumptions.

I laugh easily, I love my own company just as much as I do that of others, and I choose to see the good in the world and celebrate it.

I’m intuitive, I’m empathetic, I’m respectful, I’m supportive.

Most of all, I love being Mama to my free spirited and feisty 3.5 year old who teaches me something new everyday and inspires me to be a better version of myself.


MS degree in Psychology from Purdue University, USA

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Malaysia Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Certified Dancing for Birth Instructor

Currently Training

Beyond Birth – Postpartum Mental Wellbeing Practitioner

Hand in Hand Parenting Educator & Coach (

Certified Lactation Counselor (Childbirth International)

WombLight Practitioner

Maternal Support Practitioner (Fertility & Postpartum)

Birth Story Processing Support


programs to help you thrive


The Nesting Heart is committed to offering you continued support through workshops, coaching programs and consultations to keep you informed and supported throughout your parenting journey in the early years. Currently, we support parents through the first 6 years of your parenting. 


Babies are constantly learning, changing and growing in the first year of life! In this workshop, you will learn parenting tools and strategies for laying a solid foundation to raising confident, resilient, self learning children.

As our little ones grow and become independent, they start to assert their autonomy. This is often a challenging time for new parents who struggle with setting limits and how much they can say no. This workshop will give you parenting tools and strategies for life that will help you raise children in a connected parenting relationship.
This is ideal for parents who need in-depth and customized support. Book a 2 hour or 6 hour session and get a customized plan that is tailored to suit your family’s unique needs.

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