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A Mindful, Present, Connected Motherhood Experience is
Within your Reach

Let’s start taking care of YOU.

Are you overwhelmed with mothering and yet you show up every.single.day to take care of your family, your children, and your partner, your work, and everything in between?

You’re tired of being on autopilot and feeling worn thin.

You find yourself spending hours making sure your children are fed, taken care of, doing their school work and keeping the home running. You meet everyone’s needs but your own. And in those rare quiet moments at the end of the day, you feel guilt and anguish for not doing more and being there more.

Have you ever wondered if it’s ever going to change?

Are you longing for a deeper sense of connection with yourself and a desire to be a more patient and present Mama?

Mama, who is taking care of you?

Real self care for the mind and soul begins here

If you could have a magic wand, you would love to ask for more time and connection with your children and more self love for yourself.

What if you got a little nugget of time every week for self care?

– and I’m talking about REAL self care here.

Not the advice we often hear making the rounds given to Mamas everywhere – get your nails done or take a shower.

Because I know I have done that in the past – I got my nails done all pretty and I went back to feeling depleted again very quickly and almost immediately.

If you’re wondering if this is all there is to #momlife – I want you to know today that there can be more.

And that more includes focusing and taking care of YOU.

You CAN be more present, more calm, more focused, more available, more patient, more energetic, more filled up.

More all-the-things-you-want-to-be!
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Because when you, the Mama, is resourced-up and your cup is full,
you have more to pour into your little ones and your family.

I created the Mindful Mama Mothers' Circle for overwhelmed, busy Mamas to come together in an online circle, intertwined with the common thread of the shared experience of motherhood. The Circles are carefully crafted to be uplifting, supportive spaces to come as you are, fill your cup and take what you need from them each week.

Each week, you will be led through a series of practices that may include

The Mindful Mama Mothers’ Circles are created using the Beyond Birth mind health and well being framework. Beyond Birth’s mission is to well being practices to everyday life to give parents the tools to take charge of their mental health. The framework is centered on building emotional resilience through connection and community.

Each weekly session is designed to ease the transition into parenthood. Think of
it as hand-holding across a wobbly bridge into an unknown place, and could do
with reassurance and help finding your feet. You (and your
partner/husband/mum, etc) will learn skills to calm, soothe, and tune inwards.
You will be guided to explore your identity as a parent (be it first or subsequent
babies), and to connect with yourself, your baby and your loved ones. Focusing
on your mental well-being, offering virtual support, ideas and questions to build
resilience, cope with and accept the challenges, learn to trust in your instincts
and reach out for help when required.

These sessions use a combination of mindfulness, relaxation, self-hypnosis, and other psychotherapeutic techniques as a self help toolkit over 6 weekly sessions. Some aspects you may be familiar with, and others not. You don’t need to have heard or tried any of this before now to find it easy to use and simple to apply to life with your new baby.

Weekly Themes







Here's What Mothers Experience at the Circles

A safe place to share thoughts, fears and anxieties about all things motherhood. A place to learn you’re not alone and there is a way through it using the women around you.
A little sunlight through the fog of motherhood
Carving out some time to just "be" rather than "do" (and maybe meet some other moms too) is exactly what I need right now. I have been feeling very isolated in motherhood + relocation, and while I absolutely love my daughter and husband, I have had very little "me"/recharge time these past six months and that has been very draining.
I found the Circle immensely helpful in alerting me to process my feelings and anxiety. The time each week often felt like a mini retreat where I could breathe for a moment and now I am not alone, as well as learning how I can help myself when feeling overwhelmed.


TIME – 10 AM – 11 15 AM (Malaysia/Singapore) // 7 30 AM – 8 45 AM (IST) // 7 PM – 8 15 PM (Pacific)



per 6 session block
Go back to your family 75 minutes later, ready to pour from a cup that has been poured into and filled up.


per 6 session block for 2 attendees

Go back to your family 75 minutes later, ready to pour from a cup that has been poured into and filled up.

It’s time to give yourself permission to pause, rest, recharge – once and for all – at a pace that feels right for you!

Come to the circle weekly to fill your love cup so you can go back to your self, family, and your everyday life after the 75 minutes together and love on them the way you want to.
the mindful mama mothers’ circle will truly nurture your mind and soul.

All the details in one place

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Frequently Asked Questions

Courses are delivered online via Zoom. Link to the Zoom classroom will be provided to you in the email you will receive after payment. 

YES! Many of our attendees typically sign up for recurring blocks so they have their well being prioritized week after week. Sign up for as many as you like!

These sessions are GREAT for first time time mums in any stage of postpartum. Since they are online, you can attend without leaving your home and baby and can join in as early as the first weeks after giving birth.

These sessions are for anyone in any season for motherhood!

We know that mums have last minute things come up and we want to make this stress free for you. If you miss a session, you are welcome to join a future session to replace the one you missed within 3 months of your missed session.

Please contact us on +60-122204231 via Whatsapp and we will sort it out for you.

Please contact us on +60-122204231 via Whatsapp or submit your question using the form at the end of this page. We look forward to supporting you!

About Namrita bendapudi

Meet your Circle Guide
& Facilitator

Hello! So glad you’re here!

I am a: Mama, wife, birthkeeper, educator, psychologist, advocate, change maker, believer, doer, teller of stories, holder of space, asker of questions, and challenger of assumptions.

I laugh easily, I love my own company just as much as I do that of others, and I choose to see the good in the world and celebrate it.

I’m intuitive, I’m empathetic, I’m respectful, I’m supportive.

Most of all, I love being Mama to my free spirited and feisty 3.5 year old who teaches me something new everyday and inspires me to be a better version of myself.


MS degree in Psychology from Purdue University, USA

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Malaysia Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Certified Dancing for Birth Instructor

Currently Training

Beyond Birth – Postpartum Mental Wellbeing Practitioner

Hand in Hand Parenting Educator & Coach (www.handinhandparenting.org)

Certified Lactation Counselor (Childbirth International)

WombLight Practitioner

Maternal Support Practitioner (Fertility & Postpartum)

Birth Story Processing Support


programs to help you thrive


The Nesting Heart is committed to offering you continued support through workshops, coaching programs and consultations to keep you informed and supported throughout your parenting journey in the early years. Currently, we support parents through the first 6 years of your parenting. 


Babies are constantly learning, changing and growing in the first year of life! In this workshop, you will learn parenting tools and strategies for laying a solid foundation to raising confident, resilient, self learning children.

As our little ones grow and become independent, they start to assert their autonomy. This is often a challenging time for new parents who struggle with setting limits and how much they can say no. This workshop will give you parenting tools and strategies for life that will help you raise children in a connected parenting relationship.
This is ideal for parents who need in-depth and customized support. Book a 2 hour or 6 hour session and get a customized plan that is tailored to suit your family’s unique needs.

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