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Mother's Blessing Ceremony

An intentional, meaningful alternative to a baby shower

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The perfect experience for every Mama-to-be.

A Mother’s Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful and mindful alternative to traditional baby showers for those wanting to honor, celebrate and support the Mama-to-be in their life – a joyous gathering of people cocooning the mother with positivity, wisdom and warmth as she approaches her birthing day.

This sacred and uniquely personal ceremony offers an opportunity to pause, reflect and make the precious mother-to-be the sole focus and truly shower her with love.

A mother's blessing ceremony is meant:

  • To be centered on the pregnant Mama
  • To make her feel loved, honored and cherished by her loved ones
  • To harness the power of feminine energy
  • To celebrate birth and motherhood
  • To offer an opportunity for the pregnant mama’s female friends and family to play an intentional role in walking with her on her journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • To allow the pregnant Mama to feel a deep sense of womanly connection with her closest loved ones and for her to have the confidence to lean on them before, during and after birth

What is Included in the Mother's Blessing Ceremony:

Optional Add ons:

Through meaningful rituals, movement,
sharing circle,
and activities,
we provide the mother to be,
an opportunity for
soulful connection,
purposeful conversation,
the sharing of collective wisdom,
and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime.

I have 2 beautiful babies whose births have taught me a strength I never thought I possessed and motherhood has been a privilege and a gift. 

I hosted my first baby shower for a dear friend in Singapore 7 years ago and this friend then hosted mine a year later. 

I didn’t know about mother’s blessing ceremonies at the time or I would have hosted one for my friend in a heartbeat!

As I went through birth and motherhood, I realized more and more the importance of leaning on the circle of women around me. Of having their wisdom and support whether it was outwardly or quietly, whether from near or far. But knowing that they were there took me through some tough days and nights.

I would love for you to gather your circle of women who will hold you, uplift you and celebrate you as you stand on the threshold of motherhood.

It would be an honor to walk with you and be a part of your journey.

This is my promise to you as the Ceremony Guide :

  • My absolute dedication and commitment in planning for a seamless, joyful experience for the pregnant mama
  • Offer a warm, welcoming, inclusive space for all the guests
  • To orient the guests to the meaning and purpose behind mother’s blessing ceremony
  • To plan for the activities, provide materials as needed and conduct the activities at the event
  • To pay close attention to the needs and preferences of the mama and/or the host and plan for the event accordingly

About Namrita bendapudi

Namrita, is a trained circles and ceremony faciliatator and guide. She is a birth and parenting educator, mentor and coach. Namrita is the mother of two beautiful children, born 7 years apart in incredibly empowering births. She brings her intuitive wisdom and years of experience and expertise as a birthworker to help mothers to be prepare, learn, unlearn and heal their way through birth, postpartum and motherhood.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between the two is primarily due to the focus of the event. Baby showers are focused on the newborn baby, with gifts, activities and themes related to baby’s arrival. They have a light hearted and fun party vibe. Mother’s blessing ceremonies are designed to honor and celebrate the Mama to be with loving care by her circle of friends and family. They are grounded in intentional and purposeful ceremony and rituals.

  • To be committed to creating a joyful, meaningful experience for the pregnant Mama
  • To work collaboratively with me to plan the event and offer the necessary information
  • To have a 1:1 interview with me (preferably in person) after making the booking, with or without the pregnant mama (in case of a surprise), at the venue of the event
  • To make a booking at the venue of their choice if its an external venue OR to ensure that the home of the host or pregnant person is available for the event if its at home
  • To create and confirm the guest list and pass it to me along with names of attending guests, their contact number and relationship to the pregnant mama and seek permission for me to create a Whatsapp group for the host and the guests
  • To allow me access to the venue 2 hours before the event and be present 1 hour before the event

Anyone really! Anyone who has a pregnant Mama in their life who they want to honor and celebrate can host one.This can be a close friend, a family member, a significant other or spouse, or a colleague. Alternatively, the pregnant Mama may choose to organize the ceremony fpr herself and gather her circle around her.

No. Each time a woman is preparing to welcome a baby into this world is a time of transformation and rebirth for herself into the role of a mother, no matter if this is her first baby or her fifth, and is deserving of a celebration.

Typically, they don’t. But if you are keen for your partner and/or other male family members to be involved, let me know and we can discuss it.

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