I have Worked with Over 200 Pregnant Couples Preparing for Birth and This is What They All have in Common

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(Besides being pregnant, of course!) 😉

Each of these couples had one goal in mind when I first met them – it was to have a different kind of birth for themselves and their precious baby in the womb. They wanted a birth that was not like all the ones that they had heard of, they had seen in the movies, that they had been told was inevitable. They chose to own their birth experience instead and made a conscious decision to seek out more information that would support that.

They go online or ask a friend, and they find their way to me. In our first session, the conversation is always around outlining their hopes and wishes for their birth, and also their fears. More often than not, most couples sign up for the class because they want a pain free birth. And we start from there, and then work our way through a series of transformations. I talk about the workings of the body and the design for birth, the myths and evidence, and the research. I give them knowledge and tools that they can rely on to have a positive experience. We stock up their toolkit for birth preparedness on a physical, mental and emotional level.

They go from being uncertain and fearful to confident and empowered over the course of the program. The transformation as it unfolds in front of my eyes is truly magical and it is by far the most favorite part of my work and my teaching and coaching experience.

So if you are pregnant, or your partner is, and you’re here on the internet looking for a way to own your birth, this is for you. Maybe you don’t know yet just what kind of a birth you want. And that is ok. But the fact that you, like all those couples who come to my classes, are looking for a way to have a different experience, sets you apart and I applaud you for these first steps you are taking.

In order for you to continue on your path to an empowered birth experience, here are three things that I do with my clients that I am sharing with you today:

  • Educate yourself – Understand the process of physiological birth and the role of hormones. Become aware of the body’s design to birth a baby. You will have a newfound respect for your body and what it is capable of. Use this information to build confidence, because the more you know, the less uncertain and fearful you will be of the birth process. After all, knowledge is power
  • Connect – Talk to couples who have gone through a similar process and have had a positive birth experience. Ask them what they are proud of doing, what they did well, and what they did differently. You can also join my Facebook group The Informed Birth Network Malaysia here to connect with other couples who are owning their birth.
  • Open your mind to possibilities – I talk about this a lot in my classes. Opening your mind means giving yourself permission, allowing yourself to dare to imagine a different birth experience than the one you have been conditioned to believe is the only way to give birth. Opening your mind may feel unsafe in the beginning and that is ok. Work on the blocks you have around birth and on releasing the fears. This is easier for some than it is for others and that’s ok too.

If you want to continue to feel supported in your pregnancy and birth journey, you can join other informed couples here at The Informed Birth Network Malaysia where I share exclusive content and do weekly video trainings and free workshops.

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