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How Positive Birth Stories Can Inspire You to Have Better Birth Experience


Have you heard a positive birth story yet? Yes? Consider yourself a lucky gal!

No? You’re probably not alone.

Have you noticed that when people find out your’re pregnant, right after the “CONGRATULATIONSSS!” The very next thing you will probably hear is “Let me tell you how horrible labor is….” 

And then when you hear this over and over again, well, your mind believes it and you assume all labors are painful and birth is horrible and except for the fact that you really want to have a baby, you would never, ever willingly go through this. I mean, why would anyone, you ask yourself? This becomes your belief system about birth EVEN THOUGH you have probably never actually seen a real labor or birth (ok, Hollywood birth scenes don’t count!), let alone labored and birthed yourself.

So first of all, it is OKAY to politely and firmly tell the enthusiastic story teller to save the story for after you give birth or perhaps much much later because you are trying to stay in a positive frame of mind for birth and you are nurturing that. I mean you wouldn’t tell the story of a plane crash to someone who is about to board a plane! And it’s worthwhile to bear in mind that the story that you hear is from the perspective of the teller and every story has many sides to it. 

Second of all, today, we are going to try to undo some of that damage of this conditioning. Today is a new beginning. 

Research shows that our assumptions (aka that birth is a horrible experience) are challenged when we are faced with inconsistent information (aka someone who doesn’t describe their birth as being horrible). When we are constantly faced with inconsistent information over time, there is a possibility for our beliefs to change. 

So today, as good a day as it is any other, I challenge you to challenge your own assumptions about birth by seeking out information/stories about birth that don’t match your currently held beliefs. Find a positive birth story today and read it. Explore the feelings it brings up. Is it hope, relief, skepticism, resistance, disbelief? All these feelings are valid. Sit with them while you continue to read or view positive birth stories. 

Comment below about three words that this positive birth story used that you would never have previously described birth with.

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