How to Prepare for Birth -
Dreading Labor

This 1.5 hour FREE workshop will help you build your confidence, find out about your birthing options, and get you started with preparing for the experience of a lifetime (and you only get one chance at it) – 

The birth of your precious baby.

Make it Count!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You're anxious, stressed, and nervous about labor and birth
  • You want to know about your options and choices in labor and birth
  • You want to feel empowered, confident and in control of your birth experience

After you attend, you will

  • Feel confident about labor and birth
  • Have an empowered perspective about labor and birth
  • Be able to use the A-B-C Technique to release fear and anxiety
  • Understand how your decisions and choices will affect the experience of labor
  • Know the next steps to continue to prepare for the birth experience

What Workshop Attendees are Saying

Loved the session! Super informative and very engaging!

I have such a fresh perspective on birth after the workshop! Knowing I have so many options makes me feel better!

Namrita is knowledgeable, caring and takes the time to answer all the questions. I enjoyed the workshop!

Workshop Facilitator

Namrita Bendapudi

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
Breastfeeding Counselor
Postpartum Support Specialist
Parenting Educator & Coach

Namrita Bendapudi holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Purdue University, USA. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator & Birth Coach and has been working with pregnant couples for over 4 years to help them have a positive and confident labor and birth experience. She has conducted various classes and workshops to support new and expecting parents with labor, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and parenting. She is a Mama to 5 year old who inspires her everyday to be a better version of herself. When she is not teaching classes, supporting new mothers, or creating new courses, she loves spending time with her family, reading and cooking. 

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