Dear Mama, When Someone Offers you a Hand, Say Yes This Time.

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Dear Mama,

I see you. You, who is juggling everything all at once. 
You have a squirmy baby in your arms, and you’re trying to fold up your stroller with your free hand, and your diaper bag keeps slipping off of your shoulder. Or perhaps you have a gazillion grocery bags hanging from your arms and a toddler who is tugging at your wrist to get away. 
A helpful stranger walking past slows down as they see you struggle. “Do you need help?” 
You pause only for a moment, smile wearily and say, “It’s alright. I got it” 

I have been this Mama and I know you have too. 
We, who wear the heavy crown of multi tasking supermom try every minute of every day to be worthy of it. 

Because the story that we have been told over and over about mothers is about a woman who does all.the.things.  

It’s what you have watched your own mother do.

It’s what your children watch you do. 

It’s what your daughter might do when she is grown up and juggling bags and babies. 

Dear Mama, next time someone offers a hand, say yes. Or better still. Ask for help. 
Ask for help when you need someone to watch your child so you can nap for an hour. Ask for help when you’re struggling to cope with a brand new baby and an older child.
Say yes when someone offers to hold your baby while you eat your food in peace for 5 minutes
Say yes when someone offers to carry your bags while you walk to wherever you have to go.

Dear Mama, It’s ok to say yes. 

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