Are you ready for a labor
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about the birth process and explore what is important to you


your inner resources and develop a pain coping mindset.


with your support team, your partner, and yourself in birth and postpartum


the unknown with courage, self-love and confidence by preparing for birth as a rite of passage

The Birthing in Awareness program weaves scientific knowledge and concrete coping techniques together with heart-centered, creative exploration in order to provide parents with authentic preparation for the transformative initiation that is the childbirth experience

Embodied Childbirth Prteparation Education

Premier Antenatal Program focusing on mind-body preparation

Investment: USD222/RM 999 per Couple

The birthing in awareness Program opens only 4 times in a year. Spots are limited.

private sessions are available upon request. please contact for fees & availability of slots.


Stressed about all the negativity you hear about birth and wondering if there is a different way to do it?

Afraid of labor pains and don’t know how you’re going to cope?

Birth is a significant life experience – not just for you but for your baby as well. Babies experience labor and birth on the inside, just as you do outside.

And yet, you haven’t found a way to help you learn and prepare for one of the biggest experiences of your life. You have googled for information or maybe you have talked to people you know. And yet it feels more confusing and overwhelming. And scary. The information overload, the stress, the anxiety, the fears.

You don’t know where to begin.

You are ready for a framework that will teach you exactly what happens in labor and birth, what to expect each step of the way, and most importantly how to respond and manage it all on the actual day. And you want to know exactly what you should do if your body needs help or assistance along the way.

You don’t feel prepared, but it’s not your fault.

You are not alone.

I know how anxious I was when I was pregnant. I wanted to know it all so I could do the best for my baby and my body.

I knew there was a better way to give birth and welcome my daughter into the world than what I had seen shown on TV shows and movies and the negative stories I had heard from others around me.

Everything shifted when I started learning about new methods for birth and brought an open mind to learning.

I discovered my own body’s ability to give birth as well as became savvy about how to give birth in a hospital setting. And it changed my birth and my life.

I enjoy the benefits of an empowered birth experience to this day. So does my daughter and she will continue to do so for her lifetime.

And over the last 5 years, I’ve been able to help over 200+ families with their birth journey!  

And I’m ready to help you too.


Are you ready to make a difference to the
way you experience labor & birth?


This program is for you if you are ready to feel informed, empowered and supported with your labor and birth.

The Birthing in Awareness is a 6-week Antenatal Program based on the internationally renowned and acclaimed Lamaze® International curriculum and the Birthing from Within Framework. It is based on evidence based information and the latest research about maternity practices.

We spend time in 6 sessions helping you unpack your fears, learning coping tools, tuning into your body, learning how to listen to your body and becoming aware of your cues, discovering ways to leverage your strengths to help   learning how to manage and cope with pain, understanding what works (and doesn’t) for you, in addition to gaining a whole lot more information and understanding of the birth process and hospital systems.

This is a class that you absolutely can’t miss in your labor and birth prep!

You will..


You'll Get

Self Paced, On Demand Classes

30 Bite Sized Video Classes that you can watch at your convenience and rewatch whenever you want

LIVE Coaching Zoom Calls

6 Live Coaching Calls to help your apply your learning, ask questions, receive support and practice your skills

Customized Handbook & Worksheets

Workbook and worksheets to support your learning and to serve as a reference and guide

Program Outline

Unconscious Preparation

We begin by bringing your and your partner's awareness to our pre existing beliefs about birth and how they show up in your decisions and choices you are making currently. We also learn about the stages of labor and pain coping practices that will involve body awareness, breathwork, movement and touch massage. Finally, we access our first labor map - the Laborinth of Birth and a meditation script for relaxation

Stepping into Your Power

We add onto our learning from Module 2 by a deeper exploration of the body, breath, movement and touch in labor to cope with pain. We also learn about the 1st stage of labor in more detail and round off with an embodied self exploration through birth art and relaxation.

Tuning Inwards

We complete our learning of the 1st stage of labor and working on developing a pain coping mindset for birth, which includes learning a new breathing technique to help you specifically when you're feeling like giving up (which might happen in labor). We also have some time to revisit the pain coping skills learnt in Modules 1 and 2 to solidify learning.

Finding your Voice

In this module, we move onto stages 2 and 3 of labor and birth - the pushing stage and immediate postpartum. We practice pushing positions, vocalization and breathing techniques for birthing your baby, as well as questions to ask your OBGYN.

Becoming a Savvy Birther

We shift gears in this module to giving birth in a hospital settling. We learn about informed decision making as well as common hospitals tools and interventions used when labor needs assistance. We also have an opportunity for another embodied self exploration process through birth art to explore more of our sub conscious beliefs that we hold about labor.

Owning It!

In our last module, we learn about cesarean birth and recovery (including a family centered cesarean experience). We also continue to practice labor positions by exploring how to support yourself if you have opted for an epidural in continuing to stay active and cope (even with an epidural!). We bring our session to a close with a meditative practice and journaling and some time to address any questions that may still arise.

Investment: USD222/RM 999 per Couple

The birthing in awareness Program opens only 4 times in a year. Spots are limited.

private sessions are available upon request. please contact for fees & availability of slots.



Knowledge is Power

know your options

At The Nesting Heart, we believe that when you don’t know you have options, you have none. As a couple preparing to welcome a new life into the world, there are many decisions that you will have to take from now until the time you go into labor, and beyond. Today’s couples are often overwhelmed with a huge overload on information and it can be confusing, stressful and scary even. 
Attending an evidence based antenatal class, like The Nesting Heart’s will ensure that you get unbiased and evidence based information about best practices for both mom and baby and your partner will be coached on how he can best support you during labor.

That is the Nesting Heart's promise

Frequently Asked Questions

Childbirth classes are for anyone who wants to feel prepared and have an informed birth experience
The Nesting Heart birth classes are evidence based and cover all aspects of physiological birth as well as typical hospital procedures, pain management tools and techniques, interventions and cesarean births so that the birthing person and their partners feel ready and confident for this life changing experience.

The Nesting Heart classes are based on the framework, curriculum and principles of Lamaze® International and Birthing from Within. Lamaze is one of the oldest and the world’s leading provider of childbirth education based on the underlying philosophy that childbirth education empowers women to make informed choices in health care, to assume responsibility for their health and to trust their inner wisdom.

Lamaze International is a non-profit organization, a trusted global leader, with a mission to advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting through evidence-based education and advocacy.

The goal of Lamaze is simple:  to have all parents feel confident, supported and powerful as they ask questions, make decisions, and navigate their path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

The Birthing from Within framework helps parents prepare for birth and parenthood with resilience and compassion and brings a non judgmental approach to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. It weave scientific knowledge and concrete coping techniques together with heart-centered, creative exploration in order to provide parents with authentic preparation for the transformative initiation that is the childbearing experience.

Everyone should take a Nesting Heart Childbirth Class for sure! 🙂

The Nesting Heart classes are comprehensive, relevant and informative and designed with the modern couple’s need in mind. Labor and birth are life changing experiences and have a far reaching and life long impact on the mother’s and baby’s mental and physical health and well being as well on decisions that affect the entire family. At The Nesting Heart, we believe that knowledge is power and you only have options and choices only when you know you have them. Through our classes, we hope that every couple feels informed and empowered in making the decisions that are the best for themselves and their baby.

The best time is usually in the latter part of the 2nd trimester or in the early third trimester. At about this time, you are likely to have the most energy and are feeling most comfortable, and sitting and participating in the class would be enjoyable to you. Moreover, taking a class between weeks 25 to 30 means it’s close enough to the birthing time for the information to stay fresh but will also allow you enough time to practice what you learn in class and make any important changes to your pregnancy, labor, birth and post birth experiences if you decide you want to do so

This is a common concern for many couples preparing for birth. Free or highly subsidized classes conducted by hospitals cannot match in content or format to a highly customized and tailor made classes that are conducted by The Nesting Heart with the aim to help couples, and especially the pregnant mother, feel informed and prepared for birth and beyond. They are far more detailed and in depth and are focused on developing a birthing mindset, understanding the role of pain and how to cope with it, what happens in physiological labor, how the birth companion can help the mother through her experiences etc. Most hospital classes tend to focus very briefly on the labor process and are geared towards informing couples on how giving birth typically happens in the particular hospital along with information about typical hospital procedures

Obstetricians are fantastic at what they do but childbirth education is not on their job description. While there are some who spend more time than others answering specific questions you have during an appointment, it is unrealistic to expect that your prenatal appointments or your labor day would be the time for your OBGYN to start explaining the ins and outs of the labor process for you. Childbirth classes are there to fill this need for information and confidence building that is so essential to the labor process and help couples feel prepared and knowledgeable to discuss their birth options with their OBGYN and work with them to achieve the birth experience that the couple desires for themselves. An all inclusive and comprehensive childbirth class, such as that offered by The Nesting Heart, will cover all the important topics that you should know and will have plenty of time and space to answer all your questions and concerns about the actual process and the options you have.

Yes absolutely! The decision to take an epidural as a form of pain relief is only one of many important decisions you need to make that will potentially shape your labor experience and will have an impact on your self and your baby for life. So regardless of whether you are considering taking an epidural or have decided to take one, it will still be very well worth your time and effort (and money) to take a childbirth class to ensure that you are informed and prepared about ALL aspects of the labor and birth experience.

About Namrita bendapudi

Meet your Labor & Birth Coach

Hello! So glad you’re here!

I am a: Mama, wife, birthkeeper, educator, psychologist, advocate, change maker, believer, doer, teller of stories, holder of space, asker of questions, and challenger of assumptions.

I laugh easily, I love my own company just as much as I do that of others, and I choose to see the good in the world and celebrate it.

I’m intuitive, I’m empathetic, I’m respectful, I’m supportive.

Most of all, I love being Mama to my free spirited and feisty 7 year old and curious 1 year old who teach me something new everyday and inspire me to be a better version of myself.


MS degree in Psychology from Purdue University, USA

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Malaysia Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Certified Dancing for Birth Instructor

Currently Training

Birthing from Within mentor & facilitator

Hand in Hand Parenting Educator & Coach (www.handinhandparenting.org)

Certified Lactation Counselor (Childbirth International)

WombLight Practitioner

Maternal Support Practitioner (Fertility & Postpartum)

Birth Story Processing Support

Beyond Birth – Postpartum Mental Wellbeing Practitioner

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