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a comprehensive weekend antenatal Program that helps you feel ready, prepared & confident for labor and birth

A 10 Hour Antenatal Class based on the internationally renowned and acclaimed Lamaze® International curriculum and encompasses the Lamaze® step by step framework of the 6 Healthy Birth Practices based on evidence based information and the latest research about maternity practices.            

Our goal is simple:  We want all parents to feel confident, supported and powerful as they ask questions, make decisions, and navigate their path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 

Taught in 4 modules over a weekend, the classes are fun, hands-on, positive and engaging. Not a boring moment in sight as you get an opportunity bond and network with other pregnant couples, feast on healthy snacks, and get lots of practice in coping techniques, tools, and positions.

Investment: RM 699 per Couple

class content
In this one-of-a-kind antenatal class, we focus on the mental and emotional aspects of preparing for labor and birth as much as the physical aspects.
  • Connecting with baby
  • Anatomy and Physiology & Role of Hormones
  • Pain with a Purpose vs suffering
  • Signs of labor starting
  • Phases of Labor – Early, Active Transition
  • Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices
  • The Golden Hour
  • Baby Microbiome
  • Preparing for birth – Mentally, Emotionally and Physically
  • How do you feel about childbirth
  • Fear Release Exercise
  • Knowing your Birth Options
  • What is evidence-based care?
  • Expectant versus Active Model of Care
  • Where to give birth: Private vs Govt
  • Hospital Procedures
  • Interventions
  • C Sections
  • Communication Strategies
  • Questions to ask your doctor
  • Creating a Care Plan/Birth Plan
  • Choosing your support team
  • Comfort Measures for Labor & Pain Relief
  • Non-drug Options – Breathing, Relaxation, Massage, Birth Ball, Rebozo, Labor Dance, Pelvic Movements, Vocalization
  • Maximizing the role of hormones through appropriate means
  • The Three Rs of labor
  • Drug Options
  • Labor rehearsal with labor stations
  • Role of the birth companion
  • Packing your hospital bag
  • Preparing your body for birth
  • What to expect in postpartum
  • Creating a postpartum plan
  • Physical Recovery
  • Pelvic Floor Health
  • Mental recovery
  • The Science of Sleep
  • Addressing Myths & Concerns about Postpartum
  • Coping with change
  • Post baby sex
  • Managing your marriage and changing relationship with your partner
  • Mommy Love Shower

The aim of this class is to inform you, empower you and support you in your birthing journey, both in the classroom and also beyond

Be an Informed Nesting Hearter

Your Investment includes:

  • Customized Handouts Booklet & Workbook
  • Resource List for Online and Local Community Resources
  • A Toolkit of Comfort Measures to Cope with Pain
  • Birth Plan Template
  • Free membership to exclusive whatsapp group of mothers for peer to peer and instructor support
  • Continuous Support from the Instructor in the Classroom and Beyond

Everything you need to feel Informed, empowered & supported

Investment: RM 699 per Couple

Knowledge is Power

know your options

At The Nesting Heart, we believe that when you don’t know you have options, you have none. As a couple preparing to welcome a new life into the world, there are many decisions that you will have to take from now until the time you go into labor, and beyond. Today’s couples are often overwhelmed with a huge overload on information and it can be confusing, stressful and scary even. 
Attending an evidence based antenatal class, like The Nesting Heart’s will ensure that you get unbiased and evidence based information about best practices for both mom and baby and your partner will be coached on how he can best support you during labor.

That is the Nesting Heart's promise

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Birth in a Weekend Class

Classes are fun, hands-on, informative, warm and supportive

Some Common Questions about
The Birth in a Weekend Antenatal Class

Childbirth classes are for anyone who wants to feel prepared and have an informed birth experience
The Nesting Heart birth classes are evidence based and cover all aspects of physiological birth as well as typical hospital procedures, pain management tools and techniques, interventions and cesarean births so that the birthing person and their partners feel ready and confident for this life changing experience.

The Nesting Heart classes are based on the framework, curriculum and principles of Lamaze® International, which is one of the oldest and the world’s leading provider of childbirth education based on the underlying philosophy that childbirth education empowers women to make informed choices in health care, to assume responsibility for their health and to trust their inner wisdom.

Lamaze International is a non-profit organization, a trusted global leader, with a mission to advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting through evidence-based education and advocacy.

The goal of Lamaze is simple:  to have all parents feel confident, supported and powerful as they ask questions, make decisions, and navigate their path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 

Everyone should take a Nesting Heart Childbirth Class for sure! 🙂

The Nesting Heart classes are comprehensive, relevant and informative and designed with the modern couple’s need in mind. Labor and birth are life changing experiences and have a far reaching and life long impact on the mother’s and baby’s mental and physical health and well being as well on decisions that affect the entire family. At The Nesting Heart, we believe that knowledge is power and you only have options and choices only when you know you have them. Through our classes, we hope that every couple feels informed and empowered in making the decisions that are the best for themselves and their baby.

The best time is usually in the latter part of the 2nd trimester or in the early third trimester. At about this time, you are likely to have the most energy and are feeling most comfortable, and sitting and participating in the class would be enjoyable to you. Moreover, taking a class between weeks 25 to 30 means it’s close enough to the birthing time for the information to stay fresh but will also allow you enough time to practice what you learn in class and make any important changes to your pregnancy, labor, birth and post birth experiences if you decide you want to do so

This is a common concern for many couples preparing for birth. Free or highly subsidized classes conducted by hospitals cannot match in content or format to a highly customized and tailor made classes that are conducted by The Nesting Heart with the aim to help couples, and especially the pregnant mother, feel informed and prepared for birth and beyond. They are far more detailed and in depth and are focused on developing a birthing mindset, understanding the role of pain and how to cope with it, what happens in physiological labor, how the birth companion can help the mother through her experiences etc. Most hospital classes tend to focus very briefly on the labor process and are geared towards informing couples on how giving birth typically happens in the particular hospital along with information about typical hospital procedures

Obstetricians are fantastic at what they do but childbirth education is not on their job description. While there are some who spend more time than others answering specific questions you have during an appointment, it is unrealistic to expect that your prenatal appointments or your labor day would be the time for your OBGYN to start explaining the ins and outs of the labor process for you. Childbirth classes are there to fill this need for information and confidence building that is so essential to the labor process and help couples feel prepared and knowledgeable to discuss their birth options with their OBGYN and work with them to achieve the birth experience that the couple desires for themselves. An all inclusive and comprehensive childbirth class, such as that offered by The Nesting Heart, will cover all the important topics that you should know and will have plenty of time and space to answer all your questions and concerns about the actual process and the options you have.

Yes absolutely! The decision to take an epidural as a form of pain relief is only one of many important decisions you need to make that will potentially shape your labor experience and will have an impact on your self and your baby for life. So regardless of whether you are considering taking an epidural or have decided to take one, it will still be very well worth your time and effort (and money) to take a childbirth class to ensure that you are informed and prepared about ALL aspects of the labor and birth experience.

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