10 Things your Partner can do to Help You during Labor

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Your partner can be a wonderful source of strength, support, and encouragement as you and your body do the important job of laboring and birthing your baby. If your partner only has TV dads to learn from when it comes to labor support, here is a handy list for him to refer to to make sure that you are loved, supported and treated like a birthing goddess

  1. Snacks & Food 
  2. Water
  3. Set up the birth environment
  4. Cold wash cloths or warm compress
  5. Massage 
  6. Hip squeezes
  7. Physical Support while in laboring or birthing positions
  8. Calming influence
  9. Cheer leading and words of comfort
  10. Take photos of the labor and birth 

What do you believe you would like help with the most during labor?

Comment below and let me know!

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