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The moment a child is born, the parent is also born. 


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The Nesting Heart is a one stop center for high quality birth and parenting education. The Nesting Heart has everything you need to take you from planning for your baby, to birthing your baby and to parenting and nurturing your little one through the early years.

The Nesting Heart offers classes in Conscious Conception, Early Pregnancy, Lamaze Labor & Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care+Early Parenting, and Parenting classes for parents of 0 to 5 years old. 

The mission of The Nesting Heart is to inform, empower, and support couples and families in their birth and parenting journeys.

I’m Namrita and I’m so glad you’re here!

I am a psychologist, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, breastfeeding counselor, postpartum specialist, and parenting coach. Most of all, I’m Mama to a fiesty and free spirited 4 year old  who inspires me everyday to be a better version of myself.

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Congratulations! You are at the start of an amazing journey filled with excitement but also anxiety and concern. The Lamaze® International childbirth classes will have you feeling ready, confident, and prepared, and are available in multiple formats to suit every need and schedule!

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breastfeeding consultation

If you need help with breastfeeding after baby is here, book your lactation consultation session and get help as soon you need it!
Sessions can be done in the comfort of your home or online depending on your needs and will ensure that you get the help you need!

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Learn about birth while preparing physically and emotionally for a great birth experience! Dancing For Birth™️ classes fuse birth wisdom with prenatal / postpartum dance fitness so when your day to birth arrives, you are strong, instinctive and ready. First Trial Class is FREE

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breastfeeding class

Prenatal preparation makes a world of difference to your breastfeeding journey after birth. Being adequately prepared and confident while pregnant ensures higher rates of success with immediate breastfeeding and prolonged breastfeeding. Join this group breastfeeding class when you’re pregnant and prepare for success!

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Whether you’ve been trying to conceive (TTC) for a while or you’ve just made the big decision to start planning for a family, a group Conscious Conception Class or a Private Fertility Consultations will help you prepare for the next big step!

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newborn care & early parenting class

This evidence based class is hands-on, fun and very relevant for the modern parents to be and will ensure you have a confident start to your parenting journey. This highly acclaimed class that not only prepares you for the physical aspects of baby care like diapering, bathing and swaddling, but also emphasizes on the actual process of parenting a conscious, whole little being.

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postpartum in-home mother & baby support

You’re a new mum with a new baby and you could use all the help you need! An extra pair hands is always a great way to ease into motherhood. Postpartum support packages start from 4 hour packages and are flexible, convenient, and affordable. Just what you need! Give yourself or a new mother you love the gift of hands-on help in the early days, weeks and months

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parenting workshops & consultations

Parenting is one of the hardest and most important work you will be involved in. Join a range of workshops on various topics related to parenting 0 to 5 year olds and ensure that you don’t just survive, but THRIVE in your parenting journey with your little ones. Private consultations are available by appointment and will ensure you get customized and tailored plans and strategies for your family.

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The Nesting Heart Classes

Are Evidence Based & Comprehensive

Are Fun, Hands-On & Practical

Are Small & Engaged

Provide Continuous Support During & After Class

Provide Lifetime Access & Benefits

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What Happy Clients Say


We chose to have our antenatal classes with Namrita and it was such a wonderful journey for us.
On one hand, Lamaze is a comprehensive program that suits any couple who wants to make informed decisions no matter what type of birth they wish to have.
On the other hand we enjoyed the guidance of Namrita not only because of her warm, caring nature but also she is knowlegeable, flexible and passionate about everything related to birth. She gave us the opportunity to focus on the areas that are most important for us without neglecting the other parts of the program.
Lina & IbrahimFirst time Parents
Great session on kids’ tantrums and how to respond! Eyes-opening insights into gentle parenting and practical tips on how to implement it. Really enjoyed it! Thanks Namrita
Kamila M.Mother of Two
Attended Namrita’s breastfeeding class and she has been supportive all the way and in every way since then. She is knowledgeable, gentle and approachable, and understands exactly what moms (and moms to be) goes through to provide advice and shares relevant experiences.
Michelle PhangFirst time Mum
I attended Namrita’s class recently on Preparing for Parenthood. It was engaging and I had learned a lot especially the Unknown/ myth about labour & birth 🙂 how I wish I know her at the early stage of my pregnancy. Highly recommended to attend her classes in order to be mentally prepared & equipped with knowledge regards to birth, parenthood and others.
Regina ChungFirst time Mum
Me and my husband attended Namrita’s birthing classes as we wanted a birthing experience without any medical intervention. Every session was extremely informative and engaging. Attending the classes had made me more aware of the baby’s perspective of coming into this world and not just mine. Thank you Namrita for being a very patient, calm and positive person. Thank you for also coming to my rescue when I needed help with breastfeeding. Hoping to keep in touch with you always.
Anilah RajagopalFirst time Mum

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