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The Nesting Heart is a one stop center for birth and parenting education and support services in Malaysia and around the world. 

The Preparing for Parenthood course gave us all the information we needed to feel prepared for the birth of our first baby. The whole experience has exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful to Namrita for giving us the confidence to achieve a positive birth experience. Thank you Namrita for your time, patience and knowledge!

Laura Sandberg

Namrita was very helpful during a breastfeeding session. She taught me how to correctly breastfeed my son, how to hand express and she shared a lot of information. More than that. she built my confidence in breastfeeding in a period when I was struggling. Now my breastfeeding is going very well and I am thankful to her.

Soumya Mestari

Great session on kids’ tantrums and how to respond!
Eye-opening insights into gentle parenting and practical tips on how to implement it. Really enjoyed it!

Kamilla, M.

What do we Offer?

The Nesting Heart Sdn. Bhd. is a one stop center for high quality birth and parenting education. The Nesting Heart has everything you need to take you from planning for your baby, to birthing your baby and to parenting and nurturing your little one through the early years.
The Nesting Heart offers Conscious Conception Classes, Early Pregnancy Classes, Antenatal Classes, Pain Management & Labor Coping Skills Classes. Breastfeeding Classes, Newborn Care Classes and Parenting Classes for parents of 0 to 6 year old children.



Our Comprehensive signature Antenatal Class that will get you ready, prepared & confident for labor and birth. Taught in 4 x 2.5 hours sessions, completely online, this highly recommended class covers the mental and emotional aspects of preparing for labor and birth as much as the physical aspects.


A hands-on, practical, online workshop that helps you learn ALL the ways you can cope with whatever labor may feel like. Your partner/husband will have a solid set of support skills that they will learn to support you in the best possible way so you can work as a fabulous birth team!


Mothers who want to breastfeed often give up in the first few weeks because of lack of information and support. Prenatal preparation is essential for meeting your breastfeeding goals. This breastfeeding class will inform you, empower you and support you in your breastfeeding journey, both in the class and also beyond.


Take some of the guesswork out of parenting with this highly acclaimed class that not only prepares you for the physical aspects of baby care like diapering, bathing and swaddling, but also emphasizes on the actual process of parenting a conscious, whole little being. Based on neuroscience research, this class gives you the best possible start to your baby from the moment they are born and into the first year.

Services Provided


Private classes are highly customizable and flexible and are conducted online. You are free to decide the schedule and customize the content of the classes – choose the topics you want to focus on the most based on your unique needs and requirements. You can book a minimum of 2 hours or as many as you need. 


Classes are engaged and filled with rich discussion and conversation. Class size is small and intimate. There may be 5 to 10 couples in a group class. Participants come to form lasting friendships and appreciate the support network, both in the class and through birthing and parenting their little one.

1:1 Coaching/ Consultation

Focused and customized private sessions to address specific needs If you have special requirements or want to focus on a particular topic, this is an ideal option for you . These are scheduled on an as needed basis and can range from 1 to many sessions

Speaking Engagements

Engaging & informative to suit any audience. I can comfortably engage an audience of 2 to 200 on a wide range of topics related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and parenting. If your organization wants to host me as a speaker, please get in touch with me.

Evidence Based & Comprehensive

The Nesting Heart Classes are based on the most up-to-date research and supported by evidence based findings. Classes are in-depth, informative, and comprehensive to give you and your family everything you need to know to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of you and your baby.

Continuous Support After Class

In addition to all the information and support you will receive in class, you are assured of continuous support even after classes are done. Attendees can have access to phone support with the instructor, peer support with other mothers, mother’s support groups, and the opportunity to sign up for additional classes and support sessions to continue their learning and growth in their birth and parenting.

Hello & Welcome!

The Nesting Heart is a one stop center for high quality birth and parenting education. The Nesting Heart has everything you need to take you from planning for your baby, to birthing your baby and to parenting and nurturing your little one through the early years.

The Nesting Heart offers classes in Conscious Conception, Early Pregnancy, Lamaze Labor & Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care+Early Parenting, and Parenting classes for parents of 0 to 5 year old children.

The mission of The Nesting Heart is to inform, empower, and support couples and families in their birth and parenting journeys.

I’m Namrita and I’m so glad you’re here!

I am a psychologist, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, breastfeeding counselor, postpartum specialist, and a parenting coach. Most of all, I’m Mama to a fiesty and free spirited 5 year old  who inspires me everyday to be a better version of myself.

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Informed Birth Network Malaysia

You are on an amazing journey but you have many options to consider & decisions to make before now & the time you get pregnant, give birth, or enter postpartum. Choices that will affect your labor, your birth, your first few hours with baby, your breastfeeding, your postpartum experience & even your parenting.This group aims to be a source of evidence based information for best practices regarding conception, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum & caring for your newborn. Come and join this thriving, engaged community to feel supported and connected with others parents to be and new parents! 

Connected Parenting Malaysia

This group aims to educate, support, and cheer lead you on as you navigate the challenging yet fulfilling journey of parenthood. This group is a respectful, positive, supportive space for parents who want to parent their children in a connected, respectful, mindful, conscious way. Please join if you are curious about these parenting philosophies, want to learn more about them, or are already familiar with them but are struggling to put them into practice. This group is a warm, uplifting community space that is constantly growing as more and more parents seek out resources to parent their children in a constantly changing world! 


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